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Whenever I visit Tuscany I have to go to Cory Music in Arezzo to get more italian music. These people know what they sell and they help me find whatever I am searching for. The shop is in Corso Italia 89 in Arezzo. The tel. no. is 0575 20306 and you may mail them at corymusic@virgilio.it. Ci vediamo.

I found this shop in 2004. And have visited it every year since, except 2007. So what makes them differ from other record-shops? The back-catalog, i.e. thousands of records you might have been looking for but can’t find anywhere. And for us stranieri interested in Italian music it is hard to find all the old records we would like to get into our hands. This shop is a must for anybody going Tuscany who is interested in extending their music collection.

But allow me a small side-step before continuing on music: my trusted guide into Italian music, Roberto, who you meet in the video above does also “star” in the video Arezzo Attack found on YouTube. Here he plays the role of “Evil Krest”.

So what did I grab this time around? Well, some more Fabrizio De André since my collection is not complete. Some more Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso, some Paolo Conte etc. for the same reasons. And Roberto was, as always, the happy guide into more music experiences.

Sure I can buy the same music from the iTunes store but I still like to have this plastic thingy available for my favourite music. To look through the included booklet and sing along to the lyrics printed there. (even in Italian)

Upon entering Cory Music I heard there was no silly muzak playing. No, it was “Livin’ lovin’ maid (she’s just a woman)” from Zeppelin II by Led Zeppelin. Well, Roberto could not know that this is one of my favourite albums by one of my favourite bands. (With the best ever drummer). But while chatting about music he told me a most funny story: “This guy came into this store just minutes ago. He was older than us, maybe 60. And he said: I would like some real rock records, not like the ones the young listen to like the one you’re playing now”. And we both had a big laugh. Zep played by the youngsters? Hah. Zep not some real rock music. Double-hah!

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