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Since I’m going to Bob’s concert in Oslo today I just had to look up what he’s been playing so far on tour. What people seem to be most surprised of is Bob finally doing “Billy 1″ (from Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid) live. And someone taped that:

Both of the concerts in Stockholm have set lists with a number of the old classics. BUt as always, set lists differ from concert to concert and knowing what we will get today is not possible. But that is part of the fun. Another part of the fun, which most lame journalists never get, is that Bob does his songs in different ways every time. True Bob-fans love this. We’re not going to the concerts for another replay of the recorded version. We want the old stuff together with the new stuff like he loves doing it “on the day in question”. So, let’s go for some of that Italian wine and that wonderful music.

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Here’s a clip from the concert in Oslo.

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