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Three weeks ago I went through a shoulder repair at the Martina Hansen Hospital and I must say I am impressed by what these people manage to do. And the way they do it! So Kudos to a team of professionals who must be the best at this kind of treatments in Norway. In addition to repairing my one year old SLAP injury they removed the causes of 30 years with more or less constant pain. But let’s see what a SLAP repair is like. And here’s where YouTube comes in handy again:

[wpdevart_youtube caption=»» align=»left»]GhiVHLOJpCY[/wpdevart_youtube]

The normal SLAP repair requires only three tiny holes in your shoulder for getting everything in place. Then they use three screws to fasten the string which they then use to pull the “labrum” in place. And normally all this is done in approximately one hour. And you may leave the hospital just a few hours later.

But let’s look at a real repair and no animation. Makes it a bit more sickening for people like me who do not enjoy medical stuff too much:

And then one video where they just poke around in some healthy shoulder:

For me the operation lasted about 3 hours, left me with 5 “holes” in my shoulder and I had to stay there the night after. And it is a daily struggle to get the shoulder and arm back into working properly again. I’ve been told that it normally takes approximately six months getting all back to normal. But then I may expect to receive the fantastic bonus of days, maybe weeks, maybe years without any shoulder pain at all. Amazing.

I can’t praise the people at the Martina Hansen Hospital enough. If you have and problems with joints or muscles and you’re living in Norway: have your doctor referring you to the Martina Hansen Hospital.

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