FunKonnection playing Take 5

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Just a short note after listening to FunKonnection playing «Take 5» at the Copacabana bar in Porto Recanati on Friday 25th of July 2008.

We had just finished dinner and took a walk outside. Through the park across the street we could hear some music off in a distance. So we headed for that. Turned out to be a nice bar right on the beach. So what better way to end the night than some good live music and a glass of italian red.

The band had played a couple of songs real funky. Including some Stevie Wonder stuff. They had just finished a song and I shouted “Take 5″. And what a snappy reaction! They went for it straight away. Took some seconds to get my Flip up to shoot some video.

We absolutely had a great time there.

The guys playing were:
Federico Lenci: Sax
Lucio Cesari: Bass
Paolo Berluti: Piano
Roberto Lisi: Drums

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