Whenever you are in Catellina in Chianti, why not take the short trip down to the Castellare wine producers just down the hill? We did. And as explained in this short flip we tasted three different wines.

I am sure you get all the italian in this flip. But on the names of the wines there should be no problems understanding them. Except maybe for “I Sodi di S. Niccolò”. Well, the reason for that name is that “sodi” refers to hard-worked ground. And the grapes used for that wine is from such hard-worked ground. Hence the extra good quality of this wine.

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The three stars (Le tre stelle)09.08.09

Close to San Gimignano in the southern part of Tuscany you find the Agiriturismo Le Tre Stelle (the three stars). These stars are three women who run an agriturismo with a little special twist. Every day they serve a joint dinner for all their guests at a long table in the patio. This dinner is homecooked and made from their own produce.

They also do nice wines. A white Vernaccia and good red ones. More on them later.

We learned about this agriturismo through a swedish TV-series on food and wine from under the Tuscan sun. This program gave them a bit of attention and some Scandinavian guests. If you are looking for that particular Tuscan experience, this may be the place to go.

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Finnish winemaker in Panzano07.29.09

Stumbled across an interview with a Finnish winemaker in Panzano, Tuscany. As this is close to our annual destination Agriturismo Le Buche di Viesca it shouldn’t be too hard finding the place in a few weeks time. Enjoy the interview.

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Flipping in Montalcino08.20.08

I really love my Flip as an additional way of documenting where I’ve been. Putting together a DVD with photos after the travel seems more fun when the DVD may be given some extra life through some short video-stunts. And all that easy.

And I just love my flip so much that I do all the amateur errors and no-nos of video-shooting. For instance, I know I should not be doing all these pannings. There are several reasons for that (as my pal Aske keeps pointing out to me every now and then).

One reason is that that moving the camera about instead of just documenting things moving might making the viewers a bit seasick. I know. I’ve suffered from this seasickness watching amateur videos.

Another reason for not moving a camera such as the Flip (or anything going digital encoding) is that as soon as you move the camera you make the camera work harder, and the result will definitely be more fuzzy video.

But then I come to these beautiful places, like Montalcino, and what I would like to give you is a panroamic view. And being lazy I do not care to shoot all the still photos and Photoshop them together. So here goes four short panning flips from Montalcino. The first one is from the lower piazza where the famous winebar is found. This is the place to go if you are looking for the good wines.

And in the second panning we have moved up past that winebar and to the enoteca where we bought some wine :-)

In the next Flip we have moved about 10 meters from the enoteca. The reason for the short distance is not a heavy load of wine. Anyone who knows the Norwegian taxation system for alcohol knows that such a move would be real silly. Anyway, here goes:

And then, at last, back at the parking at the very top of Montalcino. Sorry for the shake-out at the end. Hope you all didn’t get too seasick.

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The story of the Castello Uzzano wines – part 208.13.08

Part 2 of the story of the Castello Uzzano wines.

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The story of the Castello Uzzano wines – part 108.13.08

Visited the outlet for Castello Uzzano in Greve in Chianti on August 1st 2008. This is a small flip of their wines. It’s 2 parts because of a telephone call…

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  • the tuscan cat
    I for one believe that Leonardo (da Vinci) was really smart. And I also believe cats are smart creatures. So when I spotted a nice cat sleeping on a scooter carrying "the signature" Leonardo somewhere in beautiful Italy I just had to "shoot".

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