Went to Montepulciano to pick up some shoes from Pratesi (and some wine). This is just a short flip from this Tuscan city

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Market day in Figline08.12.08

Every Tuesday morning from about 9.00 until 13.00 there is a huge market in Figline, Valdarno. This clip shows only a small part of it all. It was shot on July 29th 2008.

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Buying wine i Montepulciano07.31.08

Went to Ambra to buy shoes from Pratesi – a small shoemaker in Tuscany. They did not have my size in the colour/model I found most appealing. So they called up their shop in Montepulciano which had the right size. Therefore, a small trip to Montepulciano. And then why not pick up some more wine while we were there. So here is Tiziana – una bella ragazza -saying hello.

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Agriturismo Le Buche di Viesca07.31.08

We keep going back to Agriturismo Le Buche di Viesca every year. This is our 5th time here. So here is just a short flip of Luigi say welcome to Le Buche di Viesca – in the heart of the Chianti area. (sorry for my bad italian here)

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Giacomo i Vallombrosa07.31.08

Sometimes you happen to find the real good restaurants. The restaurants that serve you good food. And even at a reasonable price. Such a place is Giacomo, a “ristorante/pizzeria” in Vallombrosa. Benvenuti from Elisa.

The address of the restaurant is Via Carducci 12, Loc. Saltino Vallombrosa. Tel. 055 862185, fax. 055 862033.

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  • the tuscan cat
    I for one believe that Leonardo (da Vinci) was really smart. And I also believe cats are smart creatures. So when I spotted a nice cat sleeping on a scooter carrying "the signature" Leonardo somewhere in beautiful Italy I just had to "shoot".

    For all you non-norwegian readers: older entries are in Norwegian only. Sorry.