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Whenever you are in Catellina in Chianti, why not take the short trip down to the Castellare wine producers just down the hill? We did. And as explained in this short flip we tasted three different wines.

I am sure you get all the italian in this flip. But on the names of the wines there should be no problems understanding them. Except maybe for “I Sodi di S. Niccolò”. Well, the reason for that name is that “sodi” refers to hard-worked ground. And the grapes used for that wine is from such hard-worked ground. Hence the extra good quality of this wine.

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The three stars (Le tre stelle)09.08.09

Close to San Gimignano in the southern part of Tuscany you find the Agiriturismo Le Tre Stelle (the three stars). These stars are three women who run an agriturismo with a little special twist. Every day they serve a joint dinner for all their guests at a long table in the patio. This dinner is homecooked and made from their own produce.

They also do nice wines. A white Vernaccia and good red ones. More on them later.

We learned about this agriturismo through a swedish TV-series on food and wine from under the Tuscan sun. This program gave them a bit of attention and some Scandinavian guests. If you are looking for that particular Tuscan experience, this may be the place to go.

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Finnish winemaker in Panzano07.29.09

Stumbled across an interview with a Finnish winemaker in Panzano, Tuscany. As this is close to our annual destination Agriturismo Le Buche di Viesca it shouldn’t be too hard finding the place in a few weeks time. Enjoy the interview.

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Castellina in Chianti – more than excellent wine06.30.09

Sometimes we have been wondering if we are extremely lucky. Because we have happened time and again to end up in festivities when travelling both Italy and other European countries. Maybe more so in Italy than other places :-) , but then the Italians may be a more joyeous kind.

When we went to Castellina in Chianti last year our italian friends “warned” us (jokingly) about all the good wine there. Arriving in Castellina and checking in at that wonderful Palazzo Squarcialupi was positive in itself. And when we commented on the activities in the main street in front of the hotel putting up tables, shades etc. our friendly hosts at the hotel told us that there would be the yearly “San Lorenzo” party next day. Not only had we managed to find a small, nice and friendly hotel with a pool and free spa-facilities in the heart of lovely Castellina. The “San Lorenzo” turned out to be streets packed with smiling people enjoying the taste of good food from a number a small stands and the occasional wine-tasting in between. What a night.

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Robert’s in town03.25.09

Since I’m going to Bob’s concert in Oslo today I just had to look up what he’s been playing so far on tour. What people seem to be most surprised of is Bob finally doing “Billy 1″ (from Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid) live. And someone taped that:

Both of the concerts in Stockholm have set lists with a number of the old classics. BUt as always, set lists differ from concert to concert and knowing what we will get today is not possible. But that is part of the fun. Another part of the fun, which most lame journalists never get, is that Bob does his songs in different ways every time. True Bob-fans love this. We’re not going to the concerts for another replay of the recorded version. We want the old stuff together with the new stuff like he loves doing it “on the day in question”. So, let’s go for some of that Italian wine and that wonderful music.

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The story of the Castello Uzzano wines – part 208.13.08

Part 2 of the story of the Castello Uzzano wines.

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The story of the Castello Uzzano wines – part 108.13.08

Visited the outlet for Castello Uzzano in Greve in Chianti on August 1st 2008. This is a small flip of their wines. It’s 2 parts because of a telephone call…

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