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I knew there had to be something wrong with that Diet Coke thing.

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Revisiting movies part 107.22.09

From time to time I have to revisit some movies just to make sure I don’t forget them. Hah! So just recently I revisited the Wim Wenders’ movie “Don’t Come Knocking”. One of the best road-movies ever. Such a good story delivered in a beautiful way. And the way the movie is shot, the scenes in themselves, might make you miss the story: they are so stunningly lovely. The scenes comment directly onto the story. So it is a true sad-happy scene which wraps up this sad-happy road-movie. A road-sign telling us that “Divide” is only 1 mile away, and that “Wisdom” is so much further away in the distance. 52 miles.

Don't come knocking

Haven’t seen the movie yet? Buy it.

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Non soltanto una casa di vacanza06.28.09

September this year we will be visiting Agiturismo Le Buche de Viesca in Tuscany for the sixth time. We have been going back every year since 2004 for a stay of either 1 or 2 weeks. And why? Because we love all this and more: visiting the busy Firenze for art, shopping and city fun, visiting Siena for the same reasons, visiting Arezzo for some more shopping. And also exploring the chianti hills, tasting (even more) wine, tasting olive oil here and there, the food, the cakes, the coffees and just being there. Visiting what used to be the homes of people like Da Vince, Galilei, Boccaccio etc. And learning to know restaurants and places where there is little or no tourists for that extra, genuine, tasty food. Or just relaxing at the pool, letting the sun charge our batteries, our D-vitamin levels and what else there is to charge and prepare for a winter i Norway. And with hosts like Angela, Marcello and Luigi who are always willing to share their knowledge of Tuscany, food, restataurants, wine etc. with us it makes the whole stay so healthy. It’s not just a place to stay (non soltanto una casa di vacanza), it’s a place where you are most welcome and where they go way beyond the italian hospiltality in making sure that you are having a nice time.

Ci vediamo in Settembre!

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Cable-cutting by the use of trucks and diggers06.27.09

On Thursday 25th a truck transporting a digger managed to “hook into” a few of the cables in the crossing a hundred meters from our home. Power, internet and anything else on those wires went out with an accompanying “crash” which turned out to be one of the poles hitting the ground. Luckily no pedestrians there at that very moment. No casualties. But no power for 8,5 hours and no internet (which was worse – the weather being 25 centigrades +) for more than 26 hours. The loss of cable-television did not bother us too much.

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The Devil’s Orchestra06.21.09

Listening to The Devil’s Orchestra 24/7 is not my idea of fun. Ways out of it seems hard to find.

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Knowing what may be a bit disturbing12.11.08

Three weeks ago I went through a shoulder repair at the Martina Hansen Hospital and I must say I am impressed by what these people manage to do. And the way they do it! So Kudos to a team of professionals who must be the best at this kind of treatments in Norway. In addition to repairing my one year old SLAP injury they removed the causes of 30 years with more or less constant pain. But let’s see what a SLAP repair is like. And here’s where YouTube comes in handy again:

The normal SLAP repair requires only three tiny holes in your shoulder for getting everything in place. Then they use three screws to fasten the string which they then use to pull the “labrum” in place. And normally all this is done in approximately one hour. And you may leave the hospital just a few hours later.

But let’s look at a real repair and no animation. Makes it a bit more sickening for people like me who do not enjoy medical stuff too much:

And then one video where they just poke around in some healthy shoulder:

For me the operation lasted about 3 hours, left me with 5 “holes” in my shoulder and I had to stay there the night after. And it is a daily struggle to get the shoulder and arm back into working properly again. I’ve been told that it normally takes approximately six months getting all back to normal. But then I may expect to receive the fantastic bonus of days, maybe weeks, maybe years without any shoulder pain at all. Amazing.

I can’t praise the people at the Martina Hansen Hospital enough. If you have and problems with joints or muscles and you’re living in Norway: have your doctor referring you to the Martina Hansen Hospital.

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Market day in Figline08.12.08

Every Tuesday morning from about 9.00 until 13.00 there is a huge market in Figline, Valdarno. This clip shows only a small part of it all. It was shot on July 29th 2008.

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Santa Croce08.05.08

Visited Santa Croce in Firenze yesterday. Partly because here you find the tombs of Michelangelo and Dante Aligheri. But I struck a bit of luck. Because I was let through the fencing to the small room where the remnants of Galileo Galilei is. This is a small side-room in the church where the monks brought Galileo in secrecy years and years after his death.

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Etter regn kommer……sol? Nei, da finner Iberia-sneglene det for godt å komme skliende inn i hagen. Disse kjekke krypene (no pun intended) som spiser hverandre dersom de finner en av sine artsfrender død. Og som gjerne spiser opp saker og ting vi tobeinte har plantet.

En slik kar kan bli til 400 nye. Og dessverre er det altfor lite pinnsvinn eller gjess her så de har ingen naturlige fiender. Annet enn oss som gidder plukke dem og sende dem til fyllinga sammen med en liten dose salt.

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Ikke noe særlig til video, men jeg måtte altså bare teste min nye Flip. Kameraet som gjør det hele svært enkelt. Tøft. Og rett fra kamera og over på YouTube. Eller til disken din (mpeg4). Eller MySpace og AOL. Kameraet har innebygd USB-plugg. Følger også med kabler til TV men her benytter kameraet NTSC. Ikke så morsomt for oss med PAL. Men trenger egentlig ikke det. For filmene som etterhvert tas med kameraet skal flyttes fra maskinen til TVen via AppleTV i stedet. Mye kjekkere sånn.

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  • the tuscan cat
    I for one believe that Leonardo (da Vinci) was really smart. And I also believe cats are smart creatures. So when I spotted a nice cat sleeping on a scooter carrying "the signature" Leonardo somewhere in beautiful Italy I just had to "shoot".

    For all you non-norwegian readers: older entries are in Norwegian only. Sorry.