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Market day in Figline08.12.08

Every Tuesday morning from about 9.00 until 13.00 there is a huge market in Figline, Valdarno. This clip shows only a small part of it all. It was shot on July 29th 2008.

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FunKonnection playing Hound Dog08.12.08

Later in the night a guest singer joined FunKonnection for a walkthrough of Hound Dog.

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FunKonnection playing Take 508.12.08

This video shows FunKonnection playing Take 5 at the Copacabana bar in Porto Recanati on Friday 25th of July 2008.

We had just finished dinner and took a walk outside. Through the park acroos the street we could hear some music off in a distance. So we headed for that. Turned out to be a nice bar right on the beach. So whar better way to end the night than some good live music and a glass of italian red.

The band had played a couple of songs real funky. Including some Stevie Wonder stuff. They had just finished a song and I shouted “Take 5″. And what a snappy reaction! They went for it straight away. Took some seconds to get my Flip up. It’s dark and taken from my seat. But it might give you an impression of what they sounded like.

We absolutely had a great time there.

The guys playing here are:
Federico Lenci: Sax
Lucio Cesari: Bass
Paolo Berluti: Piano
Roberto Lisi: Drums

If you are looking for a nice live band in the Ancona area in Marche you should contact Federico on tel. 347 5921559

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Santa Croce08.05.08

Visited Santa Croce in Firenze yesterday. Partly because here you find the tombs of Michelangelo and Dante Aligheri. But I struck a bit of luck. Because I was let through the fencing to the small room where the remnants of Galileo Galilei is. This is a small side-room in the church where the monks brought Galileo in secrecy years and years after his death.

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  • the tuscan cat
    I for one believe that Leonardo (da Vinci) was really smart. And I also believe cats are smart creatures. So when I spotted a nice cat sleeping on a scooter carrying "the signature" Leonardo somewhere in beautiful Italy I just had to "shoot".

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